Power of We

I think that a person can overcome his difficulties with his willpower. I mean a person can have health problems or some school subjects can be dificult.  It is important not to give up! So the world gets an educated and strong-willed citizen. The more good people there are in the world, the better our life becomes.

Power of we

Every person can have a wish. I think, If you want your dream to come true, you must work hard, beacause it is often not easy. My friends and relations have always helped me. I think that people should help each other. That’s great!

To my mind it”s very important for everyone to have their opinion and share it with others. When people speak about what are thinking of, they can  help each other, exchange their experience, understand each other better and find new friends. I think it makes our planet a better place to live! =)

Power of we

I think that power is not in  one man.  The power of one man and power of all people are different things. For example: One basketball player can’t win a match. It is  easier when you are in a team.

In history of Russia was periods when the people helped each other and acted together. So they won the Great Patriotic war.

Time for a break and visiting other blogs

We are now half way through the set of challenges, and many schools have either been on holiday or are about to go on holiday for a couple of weeks. So this week there are no formal activities to do. It is a chance to catch up on those you might not have completed or those you wanted to do but didn’t have time to get done.

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Space museum in Kaluga

Dear all,

In summer I visited the Space museum in Kaluga. It is the first space museum in the world. It opened in 1967 and when they started building it, Sergei Korolev and Yuri Gagarin came to the building site. Yuri Gagarin found a 10-copeck coin in his pocket and place it into the base.

You can see a lot of documents, apparatuses, space vehicles, space capsules, space costumes there. You can also visit a space station and learn how cosmonauts/astronauts eat, sleep and keep fit in space. It is also possible to watch some videos.

And this is the video I have created for you with Animoto and my photos.

Space museum in Kaluga (video)