Power of We

I think that a person can overcome his difficulties with his willpower. I mean a person can have health problems or some school subjects can be dificult.  It is important not to give up! So the world gets an educated and strong-willed citizen. The more good people there are in the world, the better our life becomes.

To my mind it”s very important for everyone to have their opinion and share it with others. When people speak about what are thinking of, they can  help each other, exchange their experience, understand each other better and find new friends. I think it makes our planet a better place to live! =)

Power of we

I think that power is not in  one man.  The power of one man and power of all people are different things. For example: One basketball player can’t win a match. It is  easier when you are in a team.

In history of Russia was periods when the people helped each other and acted together. So they won the Great Patriotic war.

Time for a break and visiting other blogs

We are now half way through the set of challenges, and many schools have either been on holiday or are about to go on holiday for a couple of weeks. So this week there are no formal activities to do. It is a chance to catch up on those you might not have completed or those you wanted to do but didn’t have time to get done.

Have time to visit other blogs then check out these:

Challenge 5 – Let’s get data

Here is the link to Week 5 challenges.

This week’s subject area is Mathematics. Meaning lots of data gathering and presenting.

Ideas for posts related to mathematics

  • Add a poll or survey on your blog – make sure you include a link in the post so I can visit and promote it in a ‘Visit these’ post. Check the webtools links on the sidebar for suggested websites to use.
  • Join Free Rice and then find the group Student Blogging Challenge and join that. Can we raise 1 million grains of rice by the end of the challenges? So far we have over 80000 with Ethan having raised 10000+ on his own. Lots of large numbers when talking about this website.
  • Use diagramly or Google sketchup or something similar to create your idea of a dream school. Add your image to your blog. You might want to include some measurements.
  • Visit this website suggested by Ronnie Burt, check out the examples of math art. What could you create and then add to your blog?
  • Have you used the programming website called ‘Scratch‘? If you have you might be able to give us a link to the scratch game you created.
  • Use a digital camera or camera phone or iPad and take photos of maths terms you can find outside. Think about angles, shapes, geometry, numbers, statistics, probability, patterns. Now create a slideshow and put on your blog for others to guess which maths words you have photographed.
  • Your class could look at this International weather investigation  This includes a skype lesson on climate change You might like to take part.
  • Write a post about a project relating to maths that your class has taken part in.
  • Find out about geocaching in your area. Could you create something similar in your school grounds?
  • What do these words have to do with maths? – Fibonacci sequence, fractals, wolfram alpha, networks Find some other words using this maths dictionary. Write a post about your words.
  • Add a widget to your blog relating to maths.

Make sure your blog is registered ready for Blog Action Day next week. The theme is ‘The Power of We’ which fits in well with maths and groups of people.