Time for a break and visiting other blogs

We are now half way through the set of challenges, and many schools have either been on holiday or are about to go on holiday for a couple of weeks. So this week there are no formal activities to do. It is a chance to catch up on those you might not have completed or those you wanted to do but didn’t have time to get done.

Have time to visit other blogs then check out these:

My blogroll 12/13

Well, I think I should start another blogroll. I can’t help it – I have come across some great class and student blogs.

1. Today Vika got a new comment. I only wanted to have a look at the visitors’ blog, but … Look for yourselves! I first read the post about Nick Vuijcic. Then watched some videos about Serbia. I enjoyed the videos! You see, I visited Serbia many years ago.


2. Will, one of the students from the group where I am a mentor has written a great post about the state of Pennsylvania. I am sorry the settings of the blog do not allow me to post a comment. I have certainly learnt a lot from her post.