Smederevo Autumn festival

Dear students,

Our friends in Smederevo, Serbia, who are also participating in the Student blogging challenge, have shared this link with us. I have visited the city site and have learnt some fun things about Smederevo. I have also found some information about the festival Smederevo Autumn. Make sure to visit the site. Try reading posts in Serbian first. Russian and Serbian have got a lot of similar words. I think I could understand a lot while reading posts. If it is a challenge for you, you can use Google Translate, there is its widget on the left.

Enjoy! 🙂

Light festival

Light festival is taking place in Moscow now. On saturday I was in Gorky park with my friends and we saw the laser show there. It was 11 p.m. but there were many people  in the park. We saw the dancing fountain and a cartoon on a large screen.
It was great fun!

Victory Day 2012

Dear students!

Happy Victory Day to you and your families!

Dear guests,

Today is one of our greatest holidays – Victory Day. Every family in this country lost their dearest during the World War II. Two years ago these bloggers created a video about their grandparents. We will always remember those who gave their lives for their Motherland!

Here is our video.

China welcomes Year of the Dragon

The Chinese Year of the Dragon arrived today with a spectacular fireworks display. It is the longest and most important of the traditional Chinese holidays, with workers returning home and factories closed.

Watch this short video and some pictures on the BBC site.

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